Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter

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Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider ScooterCool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter rear view

Cool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider ScooterCool and Extreme Yamaha Mio Lowrider Scooter Side View

Various motor modofikasi from the simple to the most extreme to take part in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY. There is also a sporty look is elegant, even until the modified motor with a very flat. As performed by Yudi Satriyah on sportynya mio motorcycle. Low-rider motorcycle enthusiasts from this field was awarded to the category of Too Damn Low MOTODIFY announcement Medan 2009, Sunday (25/10).

Yudi carried the concept to produce motor Satriyah extreme and need to be different from other motors, making this man's imagination to show the creative modification of the motor and innovative. Changes made on the Mio output in 2007 was approximately 80%. With the help of home modifications Admair Tnula, Yudi dream realization to change his favorite vehicle into something different.

At the Bodi, Yudi use the body that has dicustom and 100% made from fiber to produce a mild motor. There is something unique in the stangnya, because they do not see any wires at all. The cord is hidden on the inside handlebar, so that looks clean can be directly seen. In addition to wireless handlebar,

Speedometer was deprived of this motor and replaced by the accessories as a sweetener. on the back of the body is also cut approximately 8 cm to accommodate the huge rear tires.

Machines used standard, but increased to 125 cc. At the foot of the motor there is an extreme change, the front tires to use 5.5-inch alloy wheels with standard Tromol. The rear uses for 8-inch alloy wheels, a chassis postdated CVT 32 cm and 8 cm long. Suspension using Satria FU120. What was unique this motor, engine start is located on the lower leg.