Modifikasi Honda Vario Amric

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Woow the new modification motor colour to Honda Vario. This modif inspiration from The Barrack Obama intensity became the person of the first black person to American President invited amazed Edy Djunarko and Wigiantoro. And so the resident's Surabaya amazement and Semarang against the number one person in the country of Paman Sam that had lived in Menteng (Indonesia) that was realised in results of the modification in their motor was their respective. Knew, please the current modif him.

Honda Vario 2007 belonging to Edy Djunarko and Yamaha Mio Sooul 2007 had Wigiantoro, together practised low rider. Trus, the colour of the motor, was not coloured black, but was given by the motive of the Amrik flag. The difference is, that one with the colour of the blue foundation, his one again oranye.

The Harley Dari component of the two skubek (the duck motor-scooter) that, Honda Vario most extreme. Edy, General Manager PT Lumenindo Gilang Cahaya (dealer Honda in Sby) that hand over as the commander of the project modif to his subordinate, Rony Suhartanto (Marketing Support PT LGC), from says “ Because the current indeed from there, at the same time made full nuances Amerika,” clear Ronny. To make Vario so low rider, arm then was reversed with used postponed-postponed the alias braket so that longer. “Paling safe if the resignation 20 cm saja,”tegas Rony. It seems the figure segitu was gotten by him after often read the Vario modification reference.

The tyre mobil Now Yamaha Mio Soul from Semarang, modif him was not as extreme as Vario. However had the special characteristics, as the stern used the rim of the car and socks behind that was moved in the middle. Yanto, the close Wigiantoro greeting, used had Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC and was considered most appropriate.

The other sector that took part in being changed, setang. The uniqueness, system this control was made custom have the shape of hruf “V” by using the plate with a thickness of 2 mm. “Meski also his form enggak usual, but continued to be glad how come handlingnya,” was convinced penyuka all the matters reeked of America this.