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Honda re-launch a powerful motor as well as motorcycle motor sport that can be used for touring in comfort. namely VFR1200F introduced in public events through the Tokyo Motor Show held on 21 October to 30 October. Honda’s main goal when mengonsep dual clutch transmission.
Honda’s new motorcycle production itself began last October and is expected early in 2010 will already be introduced to the market. VFR1200F own Honda released in two versions of transmissions, manual and dual clutch transmission. Physically, there is almost no difference in the two variants of this unless of course the absence of the gear lever on the version of the dual clutch transmission.
Honda V4 engine fitted as the pride of power and reportedly producing liquid-cooled engine with a capacity of 1237cc combustion chamber is also adopting the technology of the generation that fell V5 engine in MotoGP. This powerful machine capable of spewing power of 167 horsepower at 10,000 rpm engine speed with a torque of 129 N ° m 8.750rpm engine on lap. With that much power, Honda VFR1200F is capable of reaching speeds up to 240km per hour more
Above all, bear the moniker VFR bikes, three letters that really means thanks to the riders so much to the VFR750 icons – for the time being, at least, perfectly paced motorcycle – that they have become a brand of their own right.
The problem is, with or without the hype you will struggle even call it good. Oh, there are some aspects that are very impressive bike, like a great finish with the sea-in gloss paint, which is barked hoarse because of rotating machines and breathing hard, great ride quality, the air of sophistication and excellent stability at all speeds. And no doubt the V4 engine will last until the sun consumes the Earth.
Motorcycle USA more inclined to call this motor as a motor sport even though the editor is also not dodge if Honda VFR1200F it is practically convenient for touring. Problem ‘dual function’ of this, Honda Motorcycle VFR1200F commented this is too big to be called motor sport and too sporty for practically a touring bike. But clearly to get all that you must be willing to spend money in amounts no less because it is said Honda set the starting price of about U.S. $ 15,000 or approximately equivalent to Rp142 million for Honda this VFR1200F

Class : Sport-touring
Engine : 1237cc, liquid-cooled, four stroke UNICAM 76° V-4
Power : 167 hp @ 10,000 rpm
Torque : 95 lb·ft @ 8,750 rpm
Transmission : Six-speed/ Six-speed automatic with two modes and manual mode
Final Drive : Shaft
Length : 2.250 mm
Width : 755 mm
Height : 1.220 mm
Seat height : 815 mm
Wheelbase : 1.545mm
Rake : 25,5°
Weight : 267 kg
Fuel capacity : 18.5 l
Fuel consumption : 15.5 km/l
Release : 2010