Faithfull Traveling Companions

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Faithfull Traveling Companions

Guns, Knives & Phones, Oh My!

So, there I was in Bikers Bay in Euless Texas where I had gone to get a state inspection for my ’03 V-Star 1100 which was overdue for a month... or so. I was quickly informed that the rear tire was below the state minimum requirements. I knew it was getting time to replace it so I let them install a new Metzeler ME880 Marathon to match the front I had purchased there a year and a half or so ago. Bikers Bay has always provided excellent service. My son Jake recently had them install a set of Dunlops on his Kawasaki as well. While I waited I was thinking about what to blog about next and got this idea to share about my traveling companions.

Sometimes rides are long and lonely, so always take friends along with you. I have several faithful friends I take with me everywhere. Let me introduce them to you.

First there is Tiny. Tiny is called tiny because of his small stature. He is the quite type and dark in complexion. When he speaks it is short and sweet packing a 9mm size hole. Tiny is my P-3AT .380 semi-automatic, locked breech pistol manufactured by Kel-Tec.

When Tiny travels he never leaves company without my Uncle Mike, Sidekick. Uncle Mike’s Sidekick size one keeps Tiny safe, secure, and upright in my right front pocket. I almost never leave home without them. Keep in mind I’m licensed to do so.

On longer rides Tiny’s big brother, XD, comes along. XD is another of the quiet, dark complected types. He is short and compact as well. However, when XD speaks it is with more power and he has a lot more authority being a .40 caliber. XD’s full name is XD-40 Sub-Compact and is made by Springfield Armory.

When XD travels he always brings one of two friends, Don Hume, or CTAC. Both are in the in the waist band holsters designed for concealment. The Don Hume is a H715-M NO. 25USPC-1 and is the easiest to put on and has some mobility after put on.

CTAC is made by Comp-Tak and takes a little longer to put on. Once it is in place it keeps XD comfortably in his place.

Another of my favorite friends that I never go anywhere without is Leek. Designed by Ken Onion for Kershaw, Leek is hands down the best pocket knife I have ever owned. The specific model number is 1660ST. The reasons I like it are; it’s utilitarian looks, one hand assisted opening mechanism, medium size, very thin, serrated section, and of course, pocket clip.

If I wear a jacket or vest my buddy Flash comes along for the ride. Flash is a small pocket knife made by SOG. It is an assisted opener that is amazingly light. The model is Flash I – Black TiNi. I seem to always needing to cut something and these two knives to the job superbly.

When I wear my boots another buddy that goes with me is H.R.T. H.R.T. is a boot knife made by Smith and Wesson. H.R.T. was a gift given to me from my son Jake. It slides onto the back of my left boot and after you get used to it you can hardly notice that it is there.

Lastly my other loyal companion is my Palm Treo phone. It is not a very dependable phone but it will allow me to, phone, take pictures, Twitter post, Facebook post, or use GPS map services when it is working.

Well, now that I have introduced everyone to you I’ve got to go and do some work around the house, riding will have to wait for another day.

Ride on,